Dick Venhuis, Manager Middleware team at EDS:

I worked with Ton more than 7 years, and came to know him as a dedicated professional, who has expert knowledge in his area, very good business sense and a continuous drive for quality and service excellence. Ton is an exemplary employee and professional you wish you had more.

Peter Lennon, colleague at ABN AMRO and Rabobank International:

"Ton is an excellent man to have in your team, competent, easy-going and completely reliable. It was quite usual for the rest of us to arrive in the morning and find the incident queue already cleared by Ton. If I were a manager, he would be among the first people I would hire."

Ilana Glozman, colleague at Rabobank International:

"Ton is doing an excellent job in his position, I find him an asset to our organization. Ton has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely well organized, can work independently and always ensures the job gets done. Ton is always willing to offer his assistance and I think he has an excellent rapport with the clients, other emplyees and colleagues."